3rd Danubia Glider Aerobatic Cup

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Zbraslavice, Czech Republic 8th - 12th July 2015
Bulletin is available for download here.
Flyer for DGC 2013 available here.
Deadline for registration is June 8th 2015.

Registration form is available here or you can use acro-online.com as well.

Please feel free to contact Organizer using contact webform or email glider@danubiacup.com if you have any special request or questions.
1st Danubia Glider Cup Features (why to come):
    • Opportunity to train at venue of WGAC & WAGAC 2015.
    • International judging line with best CJ of all times.
    • Experienced organizing team.
    • Fully marked box, same one as for WGAC & WAGAC 2015.
    • Compare your skills with pilots from at least 4 Eurpoean countries.
    • Open for pilots from all countries.
    • Open for pilots of Advanced and Unlimited categories.
    • Fun, fun, fun...

DGC Flyer